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Forum » Fly For Hero » Staff Applications » [GM]Blaze.. applying :D (seriously) (HELLO EVERYONE !! :D)
[GM]Blaze.. applying :D (seriously)
crimsonredDate: Monday, 2009-12-28, 10:22 AM | Message # 1
Group: Fly For Hero Player
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Name: Hóka Balázs (Keep things easy, let's just say Blaze)

Ingame:Fiona (Call me on this name always, I'll pay attention to you.)

Location (Include the GMT): GMT+8

A few things about yourself:

I'm 17 years old student from Philippines.
I speak in English, my main language is Tagalog(Philippine Language), and I speak some German.
My hobby is doing sports, and spending time on the net.I love rollerblading.

Why should we hire you?:

Hmmmm. Since Filipinos dominate here in FlyForHero. I think its the right
time to hire a GM that can collaborate so well with other filipinos in the same language. biggrin
so the communication will be easier. I see a hell lot of pinoy gamers in FlyForHero. Haha.
They would be glad if a pinoy GM will be hired so they can easily ask for questions as well as in-game problems.

I think there are other few reasons.Let's get started.
I always do things as the rules say.
I always try to give my best. Its good to be a staff member, because you know, you
have mates, you can rely on. I want to be as helpful member of the FlyForHero
Staff as much I can. Sometimes I have great ideas,sometimes not. If I did
something wrong,I will tell you the truth about it. I'm not a liar. I love to have a
feeling. This feeling always appears, when I could help someone. That's a great
feeling. And I'm useful in finding bugs. It isn't really advertising, but I helped to Ishi
on MonsterFlyff to check all of the mobs ingame, to see which one is bugged. It
took only 5 hour without Gm power.Ishi finished in 20 mins. ._. [It was on the V14
Closed Beta] And the last thing. When im ingame, I'm alwas on the chat too, and
trying to help the people. It's a sad thing, but there is time, when no any Mods on
the chat.

How much are you active (Give some times &

All week long from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM (Gmt+8) -- because i have classes..
On weekends...*sigh*.. Much more (almost all day.) biggrin im online the whole day.. maybe AFK for just a minute..(to eat)

What is your experience as a GM (If you have

I was Gm at Quantum FlyFF. I'm sure you didn't hear about it anything. It's a sad
thing but the owner had problems with running the server ( house moving etc...)
So we had to stop.
We used there the old commands (like .mon,.telemeto etc.), but I started to learn
the new ones. The first one I memorized was the /ak (Oh, my bad.)
And at least I can say, I helped GameMasters on other servers, like InsanityFlyFF,
and MonsterFlyFF (ask Ishi or Antity)

What is your experience in-game:

Thats a long story started about 4-5 years ago. I played Offical Flyff Phil since V6. I still
have a nice chara there. But sadly its only 96 Fs Rm... Cuz...all asked me to help at
VenelGuardian, and help with quests. (Like the lv 60 blade applicant mercenary's
always fail to find the Flaris Observatory.) So I rather helped than leveling.
So, I spent a LOT of time in the madrigal, so I should be able to answer the
questions of the players. Until now, I`m an avid player of FLYFF. My experiences serve as my teacher.
I know what to do in helping different kind of players

What do you think you can bring to FlyForHero

Hard question. Like... I can bring myself !?
I think I can be funny, and can be serious. Everything in its right time.
I will be happy if I can help both the Gm's and the players.
(My favourite event is Hide 'n' Seek, I think everyone loves it. [Me too] )
(So if I can't get the position as a GM, make sure you will make some Hide 'n' Seek

How well do you work with people:

Smoothly and Fast. If we have something to do so seriously with my
friends/classmates we always focus on the thing we want to do, and trying to
merge each others toughts into one BIG and GOOD idea.
The ending is always something good.

Have you worked as a GM for any other private

Yes I did, and if I'm not wrong, I already wrote about it.
I worked as a Gm, and worked for the GM's sake.

Do you know any of the staff?:

I know xDex. I have seen him in-game.
I havnt seen Hades in-game.

Personally Nope.. If I would be given a chance, i`m glad to know them biggrin

If I get chosen, I'll help the server with everything I have.

(Please forgive me for the grammar failures... It was late when I wrote the app.)

Thx for reading.

Greetings: Blaze

Message edited by crimsonred - Monday, 2009-12-28, 11:05 AM
AkiraMinakoDate: Wednesday, 2010-03-10, 3:15 AM | Message # 2
Level 5
Group: Fly For Hero Player
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didn't know they had a [GM] application going on XD
RasDate: Wednesday, 2010-03-10, 4:29 AM | Message # 3
Group: Fly For Hero Player
Messages: 14
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niether did i O.o o well idk anything about flyff staffing im a rose guy xD

umm hey you shoudl teach me some tagalog so i can talk to people when they ask me questions =D

7thNemesisDate: Wednesday, 2010-03-10, 7:09 PM | Message # 4
Level 10
Group: Creative Member
Messages: 91
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Well, goodluck for the thread starter..

BK201kolaiDate: Thursday, 2010-03-11, 3:37 PM | Message # 5
Group: whatever Member
Messages: 211
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when did they have this thread? any way idk good luck maggot!

I Love My blade and razor!
THE NOOB Knight Ripmylove

Forum » Fly For Hero » Staff Applications » [GM]Blaze.. applying :D (seriously) (HELLO EVERYONE !! :D)
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