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Updates about Fly For Hero it's self.
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Updates and Additions to the website.

^ Those are the new website and forum.  No one has been on here in ages, but it still comes up in Google when someone searched "Fly For Hero".  

I am back on the new site as "Rhizome", so send me a message on there if you need anything.  Just like before, I'm always happy to help! :)

Tommy Snider

Category: Fly For Hero Updates | Views: 89854 | Added by: Wicked-Clown | Date: 2012-06-18 | Comments (59)

Hey everyone,

We have new forums, so please visit http://forums.flyforhero.net and register up! Theres a forum event going on also !

Do not use this forum, it will not be updated!
Category: Site News and Updates | Views: 62051 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2010-03-20 | Comments (56)

We have some new exiting things coming out 1ST February:

Voting System:
You can now receive Voting Points for voting for us every 12 hours!
You can do this by logging in our control panel and voting as so..
or you can do a quick vote allowing you to be able to recieve Voting points without logging in, just click the star in the top right corner:
It will then allow you to put your username in, once you do that it'll redirect you to the voting site where you need to vote to receive the vPoints.

Item Mall:
We have a new Item store which allows users to buy items using their Donation or Voting Points:
When you hover your mouse over the item it will display and picture and description also the item line will either highlight red or green, red indicating you don't have enough Points / Green you do have enough points to buy.

Once you click the item it will process the item and display the final checkout page where you can decide what paymen ... Read more »
Category: Fly For Hero Updates | Views: 22207 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2010-01-31 | Comments (18)

Well with the design's submitted we felt that only Ailyn's was what we were looking for.



Just replace the old Flyff.exe in your install folder and run this new file!!

Category: Site News and Updates | Views: 8296 | Added by: battlefield | Date: 2009-08-16 | Comments (32)

Hey guys!! we are working on a new patcher, but we have to make it our own!

What do you need to do?

Well, I do all the work. You just need to get photoshop out!! Edit the listed images and the ICON and be better than the others!

What do you get?

Well, if you win you get 2,000 Donation Points and 10 Upgrade points. And if everyone LOVES your entry and it is past good and deemed awesome, there may be some bonus items in it for you!!!

How do you submit it?

Well there a a few items, so to make it easy please make it into a .zip if you can. If you ask me i can provide a way to upload it someone, just name the file with your username and forum name, don't worry, only i will be able to see the uploaded files so your username will be safe.

Your .zip should look like this if you submit it to my se ... Read more »
Category: Site News and Updates | Views: 3608 | Added by: battlefield | Date: 2009-08-13 | Comments (33)

So I'v seen some people who wanted to donate but couldnt get access to a credit card, so now I have added a new payment option which should be more convenient of donation.

This is.. being able to pay by phone, this is how it works... you go to the donation page and click the pay by phone box and this should redirect you to a website and have this in the middle:

when you phone the number up you must enter the code that is given to you on the page you just got redirected to (The image above..), Now as it says it cost £1.50 per minute and in total there are 300 seconds for one phone call, so in total you pay £7.50 HOWEVER this is worth £5 only due to the service deducting some money away.

So if you made a phone call 2 times for 300 secs you could choose for example the Blue Package.

I hope this has made it easier f ... Read more »
Category: Site News and Updates | Views: 2777 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2009-04-18 | Comments (11)

Dear mates,

We are proud to present you our v12/13 version !!!

Our Full client Installer FFHInstaller V.3
(ps: Splited files for faster downloading / cf. end of that topic)

This file has been spilt, I'll post the links as soon it will be tested !

And More :
- Coral Island teleporter : Behind Darkon2 Bank !
- Forsaken Tower [Teleporters In Darkon Town].
- Hero Skills Fixed !
- Rangda Spawned [ lvl 70. 85 . 100 & 115 one ] !
- Red Meteonyker Available [Redmeteo Room]
- V13, Meteonyker and Clockwork Pets Added !
- Drop fixed and rate redefined on normal channel !
- Mail box added !
- [Azria] New mobs : Ice Meteonyker !

I'll please you to report me bugs by private message !

Upload and execute it to fix ... Read more »

Category: Fly For Hero Updates | Views: 3999 | Added by: Gala | Date: 2009-03-01 | Comments (42)

Alright, so you've all waited patiently (some of you anyway) and its finally here. We have updated the server to support v13. Please follow these instructions to get started:

1. Download flyffv12 from the Official Flyff website and patch it when it asks to do so.FlyFF download page

2. Download the new patcher here:FlyFHPatcher 1.3

Extract the patcher and its files to your Fly For Hero folder and overwrite is necessary.

3. Run the New patcher and click Patch. 

This new update is VERY VERY LARGE, so it will take some time to download. Go eat something and watch TV or something. We don't want to here any complaints about it please.

Views: 2900 | Added by: GodHades | Date: 2009-03-01 | Comments (14)

Category: Site News and Updates | Views: 2547 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2009-02-22 | Comments (5)

Time to claim your prizes guys!

Valentine's Day Forum Event Winners & Comic Forum Event Winners

Also, Dex is working on getting a 2nd Dedicated server up! keep a watch out for that! :D

I'd also like to inform you that several of our mods and a Dev has been fired for irresponsibility. So we are short on staff and we are looking for Pro PHP coders and web developers. And by pro, I mean EXTREMELY knowledgable in those fields. They will be expected to show examples of their work. For mods, we are looking for some one who is very active on the forums and knows how to follow the rules given to them. They must also be very respectful of their fellow staff members. If you think you are applicable for any of these positions, feel free to PM GodHades or Admin on the forums. ... Read more »

Category: Site News and Updates | Views: 2313 | Added by: GodHades | Date: 2009-02-15 | Comments (0)

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