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Fly For Hero
20 194 Saturday, 2010-03-20, 0:50 AM
Posted by: Admin
Anything related to FFH without a forum.
62 391 Friday, 2013-02-15, 6:12 AM
Thread: Just Joined About to Quit al...
Posted by: Thienien
Supporting Fly For Hero
Donating methods and other supportive ways of helping out.
0 0 No posts
All guides will be placed here.
13 62 Tuesday, 2011-10-25, 4:55 PM
Thread: [Guide] Change the Music
Posted by: XeDD
Come here to view our current events going on!
3 17 Thursday, 2010-03-11, 4:16 PM
Thread: Invasions -Clockworks and mo...
Posted by: BK201kolai
Staff Applications
Applications to join FlyForHero team
18 59 Friday, 2010-03-19, 4:46 AM
Thread: I'd like to be gm.
Posted by: -Genesis-
Any suggestions you have about the game.
29 78 Monday, 2012-12-31, 10:38 PM
Thread: The Udi ''Pet'&#...
Posted by: Cor0sive
Got a question? Post here!
663 1938 Sunday, 2015-07-05, 6:49 PM
Thread: Error Number : 5 Neuz.exe Ru...
Posted by: jun_chubs
Picture Room
All screenshots will be placed here.
10 277 Thursday, 2010-03-18, 11:50 PM
Thread: Face to face.
Posted by: KunorO_x3
Video Room
Post you FlyForHero Video's Here!
9 32 Saturday, 2010-02-27, 6:54 PM
Thread: FlyForHero Promo Video
Posted by: Nightmare123

In Game
Items - Buying/Selling/Trading
44 66 Wednesday, 2012-02-01, 7:09 PM
Thread: Selling Dpoints
Posted by: gelly
Price Checks
Don't know how much an item costs? Look here!
4 7 Friday, 2010-03-12, 0:46 AM
Thread: meteo bike (any colour)
Posted by: firebenderjay

Guild Section
Guild Recruitment
Looking for some more members? Post your recruitment threads here!
14 32 Thursday, 2011-10-06, 11:33 AM
Thread: Ponies guild looking for bro...
Posted by: itsPinkiePie
Guild Siege
All information to do with Guild siege goes here
13 28 Wednesday, 2010-03-10, 3:08 PM
Thread: Siege 07/02/10 pov ItsJay
Posted by: 7thNemesis

Fly For Hero Site
What do you think of the website?
4 27 Friday, 2010-02-19, 8:12 PM
Thread: New voting system
Posted by: ghosty6
Suggestions you may have about the website.
10 29 Wednesday, 2010-03-17, 11:13 PM
Thread: Suggestion Base on what happ...
Posted by: BK201kolai

Anything unrelated to Fly for Hero. Very strict on spam here.
22 385 Tuesday, 2011-10-25, 5:07 PM
Posted by: XeDD
Introduce yourself to others and say hi ^,^
195 850 Monday, 2010-03-15, 2:11 PM
Thread: Hey Everyone :D
Posted by: BK201kolai
Old Threads
Where all the old threads goes which is not of use anymore.
360 2335 Saturday, 2014-11-08, 12:10 PM
Thread: Super Perfect Jordan 4 Toro ...
Posted by: tradingspring16
Staff Section
2 3 Tuesday, 2010-01-26, 2:06 PM
Thread: FlyFH Interface/SFX Replacem...
Posted by: Admin

Show Room
Show all your graphics work!
88 819 Friday, 2010-05-14, 2:53 PM
Thread: ocx's signature shop[acc...
Posted by: hanihoney
Got a question? Or a guide? Post it here!
10 60 Thursday, 2010-03-11, 7:53 PM
Thread: Help!
Posted by: Lansaforum

Talk about your builds, charaters, etc here!
13 209 Saturday, 2012-04-21, 8:07 AM
Thread: can any1 post a good asal bu...
Posted by: llanes
Talk about your Mercenary, Knights, and Blades here!
12 179 Tuesday, 2011-08-23, 2:01 AM
Thread: Blade Set Guide
Posted by: snap
The post for talking about your acrobats and the subclasses.
9 75 Friday, 2010-03-19, 3:38 AM
Thread: bes jester in serv
Posted by: Muse
Talk about you mages class here
6 36 Monday, 2009-10-05, 9:46 PM
Thread: Mage's Wands
Posted by: [Artemis]LadyNL

Ask a GM
Got a question? Ask a GM
220 147 Thursday, 2012-01-12, 5:11 PM
Thread: FlyFH Uninstallation
Posted by: Kaijutsu
Report someone
Report a hacker / rule breaker here!
80 285 Tuesday, 2012-05-15, 3:46 PM
Thread: keep on KS'ing
Posted by: juliboy

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