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This is most likely because the server is offline, either due to maintainence, just offline or you are not connected to a flyforhero server on hamachi. Just be patient it should come back online later on. Registration link

Basically this is the same as above. The website is hosted by a software that needs to stay on, But it may be that you are not using flyforhero patcher ~ meaning you do not have correct ip in neuz.

This is due to a bug. In the flyff folder there is a small file called flyff.a. It is about 5 mb and is a A type file. Deleting this resolves the issue and doesn't effect the gameplay.

With the patcher, MyNewNeuz and loader files remember to extract to: (windows)
C:\Program Files\Gpotato\Flyff

This might seem like an understatement but it is a common problem.

When you load your patcher for the first time, it will need to update. Click on Start and it will download the required patch files.

Remember to be on V11 for this server and follow the download guide thoroughly

All Green items are sold by various NPC is Central Flaris.

For a guide on which monsters drop which green weapons click here.

The default size is 1280 / 800, if you wont resolve that problem, use the patcher to resize your windows and jump to 1024 768 !

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